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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have addressed some of the most common questions and concerns. For questions simply not answered here, please contact us or call 1-888-326-1253.

  • Who is Huntington Debt Holding, LLC?"
    Huntington Debt Holding LLC Inc purchases delinquent accounts and debt portfolios. Huntington Debt Holding, LLC is recognized as one of the leading purchasers of receivable portfolios of some of the nation's largest installment loan lenders, credit card issuers, debt seller and clients.
  • I dont have any business dealings with Huntington Debt Holding, LLC, so why can't I just work with the original creditor"
    Your account was past due with the original creditor, so the account was either sold or placed with Huntington Debt Holding, LLC for disbursement. Contact client services at 888-326-1253 and we will be happy to assist you!
  • How do I know Huntington Debt Holding, LLC has purchased my account and is authorized to service my account?"
    You are more than welcome to contact the original creditor and confirm authorization to service your account. Please call our office and we will be happy to assist you!
  • Can I make payments to the store or lender from which I originally aquired my loan or credit card?
    In most cases, any payments made to the original creditor or to the store will be either rejected by the original creditor or store, or those payments will be forwarded to Huntington Debt Holding LLC for disposition. Once an account is placed with us, all communication, information sharing will come from the agency we assigned your account to. Any payments or requests will be processed by the assigned agency.
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